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Public Achievements WPDelivery date
Public web site WP10 November 2006
Web site operational for internal communications WP1 December 2006
Flyer, dissemination materials WP10 February 2007
Net-WMS vision of future packing chain in modern WMS Deliverable D2.1   WP2 June 2007
State of the art, architecture and methodology in future WMS Deliverable D3.1   WP3 June 2007
Networked architecture – J2EE compliant Deliverable D8.1 WP8 June 2007
A catalogue of generic placement constraints in a WMS Deliverable D4.1   WP4 September 2007
Specification of the knowledge modeller Deliverable D6.1 WP6 December 2007
Specification of the collaborative system between user and optimisation module Deliverable D5.2 WP5 March 2008
A prototype handling geometrical constraints and placement rules.The prototype will be completed by didactic examples of placement in a WMS Deliverable D4.2 WP4 June 2008
Prototype of the collaborative system between user and optimisation module Deliverable D5.5 WP5 October 2008
A prototype integrating interaction mechanisms, geometrical constraints and placement rules. The prototype is delivered with documentation on the new integrated constraints in Choco WP4 March 2009
Transformation of knowledge rules into optimisation programs WP6 March 2009
Business classes to support the different modules: optimisation solvers, interactivity and mobility WP8 March 2009
XML DTD WP6 June 2009
Prototype application of a networked WMS WP8 June 2009
Contributions to the European Research Area (ERA) WP10 September 2009