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Towards integrating Virtual Reality and optimisation techniques

in a new generation of Networked businesses

in Warehouse Management Systems

under constraints

The mission of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) is evolving from controlling goods movement and storage to light manufacturing, transportation and order management.

Manufacturing end users are asking for WMS solutions that offer decision-making applications in a networked environment. The Net-WMS project proposes a software solution enabling the expected new generation of WMS networked businesses. Net-WMS will handle networked communication and co-operation processes through the integration of decision-making technologies, generic 3D placement primitives, virtual reality for 3D visualisation, interactively-designed packing models and knowledge modelling. The added-value and competitiveness increase of the Net-WMS solution, designed for plant level technicians, will be characterised by shared expertise, easy deployment and maintenance, flexibility, interoperability, better resource handling and access to remote services. 

Net-WMS optimisation developments are expected to achieve 20% savings on packaging costs and will be made available to the whole community through the enhancement of the Choco open-source system. The project gathers nine European organisations having a recognised expertise in logistical and packing problems, as well as in software development in supply chain optimisation. Net-WMS complementary and multidisciplinary consortium includes 3 SME’s, 2 large manufacturers and 4 academic and research centres.

Final Project Report

Net WMS final project report The Net-WMS project reached the end of its EC-funded period on December 31st, 2009.

For a comprehensive summary of the project outcome, please download Final Project Report







Net-WMS featured on ICT Results (12/03/2010):