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Net-WMS Management Bodies

The governance of Net-WMS will be exercised taking into account that both scientific and administrative management are required to ensure the success of the project. A Scientific Co-ordinator, a Technical Manager, and Workpackage Leaders will carry out the day-to-day scientific management of the network. The Administrative and Financial Co-ordination will be ensured by the ERCIM Office team.

These individuals are the managerial cornerstones of the project. They will collaboratively address the global scientific supervision of Net-WMS, the follow-up of its underlying activities, the transfer of the results to the user community, and will provide the administrative logistics to ensure an overall cohesion of the project.

The Steering Committee, representing all partners and all areas of work, will support the scientific and administrative management of the project. The User Group, gathering potential users of the outcome of Net-WMS, will provide feedback on results and will attend mid-term and final presentations.


Management Structure
Management Structure

Net-WMS Steering Committee

Francois Fages Leader WP3
Scientific Coordinator 
Philippe Rohou Leader WP1,  WP10
F&A Coordinator 
Mickaêl Collardey
Leader WP2
Nicolas Beldiceanu Leader WP4
Philippe Gravez Leader WP5
Mats Carlsson
Leader WP6
Abder Aggoun
Leader WP7
Technical Manager 
Filipe Carvalho
Leader WP8
Francesca Di Lucchio
Leader WP9
Dilara Koseoglu